One-Year Cooling-Off Period

The City has a one-year cooling-off period.  For one year after leaving city service or employment, city officials and employees may not appear before a city agency on behalf of a private interest or be paid to work on a project in which the employees were directly concerned,  personally participated, actively considered, or acquired knowledge while with the City.

Example:  A former hearing officer for the Bureau of Taxicabs and Vehicles for Hire may not appear before the bureau to become a city-approved trainer or receive compensation for taxi driver training for one year after she resigns as a hearing officer.

Example:  A former deputy city attorney may not represent clients in claims against the City of Atlanta on any prior matter that arose before she left the City and about which she knew or should have known.

Example:  A former employee in the Executive Offices may work for a lobbying firm that lobbies the city’s elected officials so long as for a year he does not personally seek to influence his former colleagues on any matter and he does not work for his new firm on any project in which he was involved as a city employee.

City May Rehire Former Employees

The City of Atlanta may directly engage a former official or employee to provide services to or on behalf of the City during the one-year periods.

Example:  A department may hire a retiring department commissioner to serve as an advisor and consultant to the new commissioner.

Financial Disclosure

All persons who filed the annual financial disclosure statement while working for or serving the City are required to file the statement during the year after they leave city employment or service.

Code of Ethics

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