Who Is Required to File

Categories of Required Filers

The City's Code of Ethics (Section 2-814) identifies 24 categories of filers who must file an annual city financial disclosure statement and publicly disclose potential conflicts of interest with their city position.  Former employees and board members are required to file one more time in the year after they leave city service.    

Elected Officials

  • Mayor
  • President of City Council
  • Members of City Council
  • Municipal Court Judges


  • Chief operating officer and deputy chief operating officers
  • Chief of staff and deputy chiefs of staff
  • All employees of the office of the mayor who report directly to the mayor
  • Commissioners, deputy commissioners, department heads and their equivalents
  • Bureau directors, assistant bureau directors and managers and their equivalents
  • Division heads and their equivalents
  • Executive directors of city boards, commissions, authorities or other similar bodies
  • Zoning administrators and any assistant zoning administrators
  • Inspectors of all departments and bureaus
  • City attorney, deputy, chief counsel, assistant, associate city attorneys and their equivalents
  • Director of the office of contract compliance and employees of the office of contract compliance with discretionary or supervisory authority over certification, compliance, monitoring, or auditing
  • Department of procurement deputies, contract administrators, contracting officers, buyers and their equivalents
  • Within the Department of Finance, assistant directors and all employees who have discretionary or supervisory authority over the investment of city funds or the auditing of city finances or city contracts
  • City internal auditor and employees of the office of the internal auditor with investigative and supervisory authority over audits, the audit process, and audit reports
  • City ethics officer, associate ethics officer and all employees of the ethics office

Volunteer Officials

  • Members, whether paid or unpaid, of all city boards, committees, councils, commissions, authorities and other similar bodies created by state law, Charter, ordinance or resolution
  • Members appointed by the mayor and/or council or council president to other public boards, committees, councils, task forces, authorities of the city, county or state, or similar entities
  • Administrative hearing officers and their equivalents
  • Officers of neighborhood planning units

Additional Positions May be Required to File

At the discretion of the Ethics Officer: all positions for which the job descriptions or actual duties include negotiation, authorization, or approval of contracts, leases, franchises, revocable consents, concessions, variances, special permits, or licenses; the purchase, sale, rental, or lease of real property, personal property or services; obtaining grants of money or loans; adoption or repeal of any rule or regulation having the force and effect of law; or positions for which the job description or actual duties present a significant risk of a potential conflict of interest under the Code of Ethics.

More Information: Ethics E-File Frequently Asked Questions


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