Module 3: The Power Seller

Simon is a city employee that works with the IT department. He has access to applications and programs that most employees cannot use.  He set up a online business called “Sell-Bay” which he has been running for a few years. He has made enough money with this business that he now has his co-worker, Chris, working for him.  Simon and Chris routinely monitor the Sell-Bay website and often do so during their city work hours.  


Module 3: Q&A

Question 1: Should Chris be working for Simon? Could one of his other co-workers work for him?

A. Yes, as long as they work for him after hours and not on city time.
B. No because this violates city policy.
C. Yes, if they use their personal laptops during their lunch breaks..

Answer: B. This employment is not permissible under the Ethics Code and violates Section 2-820 of the Code.  The employees should not be providing services for a co-worker’s private business even if it is during their lunch hour.


Question 2: Some of Simon’s best customers are City of Atlanta employees and he regularly sends emails with upcoming promotions at work.  Is this permissible?

A. Yes, and he can use his city laptop, if he does so during his lunch hour.
B. Yes, as long as he uses his personal laptop at work.
C. No, because this violates city policy.

Answer C: No because this violates Section 2-811 on use of city property.  Section 2-811 prohibits city employees from using city property for their private gain.  Simon is using city laptop to send emails promoting his business; as well as misusing city time because he should be working, not sending personal emails

Question 3
:  If Simon brought his personal laptop and was using it instead of his work laptop to conduct his business, is that permissible?

A. No, because this violates city policy.
B. Yes, because he is not using his city laptop.
C. Yes, but he should only do so during his lunch hour.

Answer: A. No, Simon cannot do so because thisviolates Section 2-811 on use of city property.  It doesn’t matter that he is bringing his personal laptop to work; the problem is that he is conducting his business at work on city property and while on his city time, and this is not permissible.


Question 4: Should Simon disclose this income and outside employment?

A. No, because he is not making more than $10,000 a year.
B. No, because he is not a high level employee and this is not required.
C. Yes, he should disclose if he is required to file an annual disclosure statement

Answer: C. Yes, under Section 2-814 Simon must disclose his outside employment if he is required to file a disclosure statement and must also indicate that he is making more than $5000 from his outside employment. 





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