Disclosure Reports & Statements

Public Disclosure Reports and Statements by type:

Annual City Financial Disclosure Statement
Elected city officials, certain city employees, city board members, executive directors, and certain NPU officers are required to file a city financial disclosure form each year they serve and in the year after they leave city service disclosing sources of income and transactions with the City. The statement is now due by April 1 of each filing year.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Report
City officials and employees must file an online conflict disclosure form when they have a financial or personal interest in a decision, legislation, or matter pending before the individual or his or her agency.  The report is due immediately upon recognition of the conflict and no later than seven days after the pending decision.

Gift to City Report
City departments file a gift report at the end of each year to disclose gifts received on behalf of the City of Atlanta (1) from a prohibited source, (2) as a result of soliciting a donation, (3) as an honorarium, and (4) for addition to the general fund or the city’s inventory of property. The reports are due by December 31 each year.

Travel Disclosure Report
Individual officials and employees file a travel report when an entity other than the City pays their expenses for travel or training received in an official capacity.  The report is due 30 days after the trip or event.


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